Adding custom column delimiter characters to CSV export options to WEBI

Recently I have run into needing to add more column delimiter options to CSV export in WEBI.

By default, it only has comma, semicolon and TAB as you can see in the screenshot below

Default CSV separators

After digging through some documents and searching around I didn’t find any official SAP solution to this and decided to take matters into my own hands and after fairly short search found the place where this setting is stored.

It is located in file called

There are a couple of copies of this file sprinkled around BO install, but we should only concern ourselves with ones located under webapps directory. All of the copies are identical and for simplicity and consistency sake we’ll change all of them.

Now to the procedure,

  • Stop SIA and Tomcat
  • Open all of the files you can find under webapps directory.
  • Locate following code:
  • Add your character(s) as per instructions in comments. Apply this change to all files in exact same way.
  • Save all of the files
  • Delete tomcat cache (Files located in Tomcat(#)/work/Catalina/localhost directory)
  • Start SIA and Tomcat.
  • Voila! In my case I’ve added a pipe character.
    Pipe added

This applies to both BO XI R4.0 and R3.1

11 thoughts on “Adding custom column delimiter characters to CSV export options to WEBI

  1. Hi John,
    Sorry to hear that, what version of BO do you have? Did you rebuild Tomcat cache after making the changes?

    Thanks, Eugene

  2. When I select column delimiter as tab, and open the CSV exported report in excel, columns are coming as continuous text like I have 3 columns name,age,sex.. these are coming as nameagesex. Where as when I open it in notepad, it is coming as name age sex. Why it is behaving like this.

  3. Hi Eugene,

    Are you aware of any additional steps that need to be followed on BO 4.1
    I get 3 files and update all 3 of them with a | separator, delete the tomcat cache but when I login and view CSV export separator options for .csv they remain unchanged. (in both webi and when trying to schedule in CMC)


  4. We use our BI Launchpad through WebSphere and I am not locating the equivalent file in the WAS webapps directory structure. Has anyone else had luck modifying this for use in WebSphere or are you able to make the changes in the Tomcat directory structure but then deploy for WAS ? Any info would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks !

  5. Hi,

    I am using BO 4.0

    I tried your solution but it doesn’t work for me. I am trying to have a | sign but it is not working.

    But in our other server where we have 4.1 installed it is working fine.

    Is there anything specific to 4.0 I have to do?


  6. Hello,
    Thanks for your work on this, I was trying to find out how to edit the drop down and you did it!
    Works great!

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